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What we do

We offer services in custom made logo designs for websites. We pride ourselves in producing the best logo designs for your needs, whatever that may be. We believe that a logo is an identity tool which reflects you and your company so it is extremely important in representing your business's values. Here at Briomatrix, our graphic designers who will truly listen to your personal needs and what you desire in your custom logo design. Whichever service you need whether it be graphic design or logo design, Briomatrix is here to help.

What Makes a Good Logo

When choosing an effective logo we advise that you think of these 5 main indicators. At Briomatrix these 5 points are also guidelines that our designers follow when creating your logo. By abiding by these principles we are therefore able to produce an effective branding and marketing logo that represents your business. In no exact order the following is a list of these 5 principals that need to be deliberated when creating a logo.

1 – Basic and Describable One of our first suggestions as to having an effective logo is choosing one that is simple with not too many bells and whistles. It is more likely to be recognised by the market than something that is all rainbows and sparkles. In this lies the challenge, as our designers need to create something that is simple yet original and unique to your business industry’s market. An effective logo will be able to portray what it is without being too detailed, and easy to explain. Examples of a basic logo that is effective in its market is Apple and Nike. How would you describe the ‘Apple’ or ‘Nike’ logo to someone?

2 – Memorable and Unique Simplicity is commonly a requirement for any memorable logo. It works in conjunction with the above principle being that it is simple and describable. Numerous businesses make the error of going for a logo that is too busy and tries to display everything about their business in what seem to be their attempt at a logo. Putting too much information or displaying too many elements will result in the logo looking cluttered and amateurish. Your logo is the visual representation of your business as a whole. If you logo is seen to have no direction, how do you think you business will be perceived? You should be recognised as an image that’s attractive, unique and simple enough so that someone could even roughly draw it freehand.

3 – Works well in monotone, timeless Your logo should be compatible allowing you to use it on a selection of diverse media. This includes different coloured backgrounds that sometimes cannot be altered. Your logo might look perfect on a white background but look hideous and illegible on a darker background or heavy patterned background. Your logo should be visible regardless of what background it is seen on. Your logo should also stand the test of time and never go out of date. When looking at your logo 10 years from now you don’t want its design to be ‘outdated’ or ‘old’. It should remain a strong brand that will always look modern.

4 – Versatile and Scaleable to any size Hypothetically your logo should be seen from the moon if it was sized to cover a country! To the other extreme it should also be visible when shrunk to minuscule proportions. Your logo needs to be flexible allowing it to be used on any type of media ranging from promotional products and billboards to stickers and business cards. Regardless of what size the logo may be seen as, it needs to hold its impact and be recognisable.

5 – Relevant As our final pointer and probably that most important, it is imperative that your logo represents and reflects your actual business. Be aware that a successful logo may not even need to be ‘read’ for the market to comprehend what type of business it is. Your logo ought to symbolise what your clients expect of your business, reliant of course on your specific target market. Trends and design aesthetics can also manipulate the overall look and feel of your logo..

We treat each client like their family, working closely with each individual client, making sure they are delighted with the development and ultimately how their design will bring them business success upon its completion. Briomatrix prides itself on maintaining these qualities creating long term business relationships with clients who continue to return and refer, placing Briomatrix in a league of its own in design and development.

Our creative development consists of several stages:

Stage 1 – Brainstorming / Research

Stage 2 – Concept development

Stage 3 – Digital visualisation

Stage 4 – Final concept tweaking

Stage 5 – Final design

Once the client had chosen and finalised the design they wanted we then created a ‘logo kit’ which included several different adaptations of the logo in different digital formats to be applied to any media, including JPEG, PDF and EPS. Depending on the necessities of the client, once the logo has been chosen we can then create a complete corporate package consisting of business card, letterhead, with compliments slip and envelope.

For more information on our logo design services, contact us.